7, Dec — 2008

The witch is pop too

  • Rodrigo Fonseca
  • O Globo / Revista da TV

“Reading of Dom Casmurro by Carvalho is not worried that much about the supposed adultery perpetrated by Capitu. The show focuses on dissecting a world of appearances as it deranges the heart and dandy dogmas of the young Bento”.

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24, May — 2009

Course in the University of California debates work of Luiz Fernando Carvalho

  • Marília Martins
  • O Globo

 “Luiz Fernando Carvalho is today, without a doubt, the director with the most authorial work in the whole Brazilian TV and cinema production.  He is an author, in the broader sense of the word, the creator of a unique aesthetics, which is under development since Os Maias. And the miniseries, in particular Capitu – which were watched by students that were not even aware of the plot – started to attract the attention of researches in the USA towards Brazilian production”, says the professor and cinema researcher Randal Johnson, director of the Latin America Study Center of the UCLA;

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10, Jul — 2008

That look of yours

  • Laura Mattos
  • Folha de S.Paulo / Ilustrada

“The looks is certainly a strong element in the work” says Maria Fernanda Cândido

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2, Nov — 2008

An essay about doubt

  • Zean Bravo
  • O Globo

 “With a timelessness language, the show, shot in impressive scenarios reproducing the 19th century at the old Automóvel Clube do Brasil in downtown Rio de Janeiro, is divided in two phases whose cast is composed mostly by new faces.”

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22, Nov — 2008

Today is Capitu’s day

  • Sylvia Colombo
  • Folha de S.Paulo

“The director also emphasizes the political touch of the romance. ‘It tells a story that is also a criticism to the customs of the white elite at the end of the 19th century’”

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22, Nov — 2008

The eternity of an enigma

  • Zean Bravo
  • O Globo / Revista da TV

 “The female character is built by the fantasy of a jealous man. A man insecure about his masculinity. It seems to me that, even though it is not written, and Machado were fortunately not trying to make a psychoanalytic theory even a little, what is really enigmatic to Bentinho is her sexuality.  He does not know what Capitu saw on him, of what made her fall in love in the first place. And from that point on, her sexuality becomes a serious threat to him – says the psychoanalyst Maria Rita Kehl”

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3, Dec — 2008

Capitu is a luxury

  • Francisco Alves Filho
  • Isto é

 “But on point there is no doubt at all: the new show is going to show once more the luxurious and sophisticated images that became the featured mark of Carvalho.

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5, Jul — 2008

Character stirs ambiguous opinions

  • Gustavo Leitão
  • O Globo / Prosa e Verso

“The most important thing when we talk about Capitu does not lie on the fact of knowing if she cheated or not. The biggest betrayal is going against your own desires”, by Contardo Calligaris
“This is the unfailing faith that guides the actions of Capitu. The butterfly opens up the wings to the sun and flies, spins and enters the house, occupies the streets and shouts to the world that plenitude is possible. Is that so?”, by Luiz Fernando Carvalho

5, Dec — 2008

“I am not looking for compliments”

  • Carlos Helí de Almeida
  • Caderno B/ Jornal do Brasil

“Capitu is a luxurious adaptation of Dom Casmurro. In the imagination of the director of A Pedra do Reino (Stone of the Kingdom), the tragic history of love between Bentinho and a woman of hangover eyes now gets baroque and pop features.

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27, Aug — 2009

Interviews: Luiz Fernando Carvalho

  • Renato Felix
  • Blog

 “It concerns an essay about doubt. I neither absolve nor condemn Capitu”

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3, Jan — 2009

Post-modern Capitu in a book

  • Renata Leite
  • Jornal do Brasil

“Analyses produced, in addition to the creation of the show, the book Capitu, illustrated with images from the project and backstage of the shootings”

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16, Dec — 2008

Art on TV – Capitu, by Luiz Fernando Carvalho, mixes erudite and popular references

  • Elisa Menezes
  • revista Luz e Cena

 “Adrian Teijido states a conventional photography director would have trouble adapting to the project”

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1, Dec — 2008

He wants to fascinate the young ones

  • Alline Dauroiz
  • O Estado de S.Paulo / TV & Lazer

“I thought a lot about the young. I wanted to break the prejudice against the work of Machado, which is more often than not pushed down the throat of students in schools. There is the idea that Machado is confusing, obtuse and obscure”, explains Carvalho. “But he is so modern, young, alive, that he would be happy to be understood by young people from the 21st century, or the 22nd…25th”

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6, Dec — 2008

Sphinx eyes

  • Claudia Sarmento
  • O Globo / Segundo Caderno

“The most famous eyes in the Brazilian Literature are reincarnating again during rehearsals, inside a restored old manor, at Rua Gomes Freire, in downtown Rio de Janeiro, not too far from the mythical street Rua de Matacavalos, now known as Mem de Sá, main scenario of the book Dom Casmurro”

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14, Aug — 2009

Baroque band music displays timeless beat

  • Luiz Fernando Carvalho

 “My song fed our vision with a tremendous force, as a locked door opening, a vision of a song presented as a timeless and borderless theme to a history from the 19th century and forever. The door opened and I went inside: Elephant Gun, by Beirut”

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